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25 x 18cm

Photograph, 2013


Léonie Cronin uses gestures and stories to make performances, films, paintings and objects. She holds a BA (Fine Art 1993 Norwich), an MA (Fine Art 2012 Camberwell) and is a founder member of the South London Women Artists. Recently she has exhibited at Arcadia Missa, Conway Hall and performed with Ann Liv Young.



Work, Reproduce, Play, Love. My work is concerned with the social constructs of being a woman. Reacting to our influences, women have many guises brought out to cover multitudes of situations and encounters, these thread throughout cultures, stereotypes, and myths. Working with the full moon cycles I have been documenting gestures to interpret these symbiotic characters. Admired or avoided by the world, they are there to be toyed with and explored.

Cronin.L.Ceres (original)