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Hermione Wiltshire -BRC Associate Artist

Hermione Wiltshire is an Artist and Senior Lecturer in the Photography Programme, RCA. Her practice is an expanded photographic one that extends the physical status of the photographic image in multiple ways. Current research interests include Feminist aesthetics, the visual lexicon of sexual reproduction and the field of maternal studies. She has exhibited and lectured widely and her work is held in public and private collections including The Arts Council, Weltkunst and MAG collection. Her artwork Terese in Ecstatic Childbirth is part of The Birth Rites Collection at King’s College London and its censor is the subject of a paper jointly written with Helen Knowles curator of the collection called Institutional Resistances to the Birthing Body. It was exhibited recently in Birth at TJBoulting, London and Matresence at Richard Saltoun London.  The Shared Gaze is a transdisciplinary research project in which midwives, medics, artists and curators collaborate in response to the BRC. A Collaborative Doctoral Award between RCA and BRC beginning 2020, funded by LAHP will enable a dedicated researcher to develop it in conjunction with the curator. Hermione has hosted two international conferences at the RCA called Gender Generation: The Creative Process in Art & Design and Oxytocin in collaboration with Procreate. She will be undertaking a residency at the University of Montreal in 2021 to make a new piece called Actions for Knowledge Repair.



Hermione Wiltshire portrait