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From the book Kinderwunsch. Printed by La Fabrica, Spain 2014

28 Pieces, 70 x 90cm

Inkjet Print on cotton paper mounted on Aludibond, 2006- 2012


Ana Casas Broda has completed studies of Visual Arts, History and Photography. She has published two books: Album (Mestizo 2000), and Kinderwunsch (La Fabrica 2013), that were also presented internationally as shows. Her work deals with themes such as identity, body, memory and exploration about their link to the photographic media.


Kinderwunsch is a book and an exhibition in which texts and photos construct a narrative that approaches maternity as a setting of complex interactions, where my children’s identity is created and my profound transformations as a mother are explored. Motherhood as an identity is one that is not fixed and is grounded in daily acts and sensations. The body and the home are fundamental axes of this project.

Milk II