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Milk It

Milk It

HD Video Projection


Jennifer Campbell States:

With Milk It, my aim is to create a contemporary allegory that brings together my personal experiences as a mother and an esoteric journey that speaks to both shared ideas and mythologies around birthing and motherhood. I'm interested in the dualistic aspect of motherhood- the lushness of caring for a child while simultaneously enduring the physical and emotional struggles of what it means to be responsible for a life.  Instead of direct documentation or outdated modes of portraying the birthing experience and motherhood,  I create work that invent new kinds of rituals, symbols and codes that speak to my search for a new kind of relevance. My image-based practice explores the process and results of transformation through the use of the body as a performative object and its surrounding environment. By subverting the body through absurd and explicitly physical actions, I aim to dramatize crude yet genuine attempts to stay connected to nature and the human experience.