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Warm Wet Velvet

Dominika Dzikowska. 2009-2013

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Dominika Dzikowska (b.1979) is a photographer and artist based in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated from University of Warsaw (cultural studies and community art) and Warsaw School of Photography. In her work she focuses on subjects of femininity and motherhood.


“There are very few situations in human’s life that could compare with the intensity of childbirth. Extreme emotions: fear, excitement, tenderness and anger are mixed together and accompanied by a strange, almost narcotic trance. I am interested with this complex process seen from the perspective of the unsung hero - the woman who gives birth. I wanted to capture the ambiguity of birth: its sexual, sensual and spiritual aspects.


The title, Warm wet velvet, refers to the newborn. Iwona, a young mother who took part in my project, said of her experience: The midwife told me that I could touch the head. It felt like ‘warm, wet velvet.’”

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